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Local Movers Near Me

Did you know approximate 40 million Americans move every year?

However, moving requires a lot of preparation, and the sad part is that not a lot of homeowners actually take the time to plan for their move. The number one moving tip from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) when it comes down to relocating is doing your research on the moving process, terminology, and how to go about finding a professional moving company that you can trust.

Why should you hire professional local movers near me:

Dresser before and after padding & shrink tape wrapping

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What is the actual cost of local movers?

Moving yourself can save a significant amount of money when you do all the work yourself, but that doesn’t mean it will be cheap. There are few types of costs involved that have to be considered when moving without professional help such as truck rental, cost of fuel and moving helpers. Besides that it creates a lot more work and can take much longer than expected.

Using a moving company may not be as expensive as you think, and it’s worth your time to get an estimate for your relocation. Professional moving companies can do everything related to your move, including packing your boxes, moving items from Point A to Point B and unpacking your belongings at your new house. Other pros to consider is that it’s going to be less work than moving yourself, they do the heavy lifting and also very important – they will safely wrap and pack your belongings.

What is considered to be a local move:

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If you are moving anywhere within the same city — or to one nearby — you likely will work with a local moving company. A move is considered to be local if the following criteria are met:

  • The move begins (origin) and ends (destination) within the same urban area. Usually there should be no more than 50 miles between these two locations. Moving further than this is still considered a local move, but will be referred to as an intrastate move – you never leave the state, but still travel hundreds of miles within state lines.
  • Both locations will be serviced on the same day by the same crew. A local move can cost anywhere between $350 to $1,200, with rates varying upon aspects such as the number of rooms, the movers needed, and the cost of fuel.
  • Chargeable time begins on arrival at the origin and ends on completion at the destination. Drive time between the origin and destination is also taken into account. Local moves are typically charged by an hourly rate, with a minimum number of hours that you are billed for.

A professional moving company will always wrap you furniture

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How do you choose a local moving company:

When you’re preparing for a move there are many important factors to take into consideration and often times, one of those considerations is which professional moving company to hire.

Selecting a service provider can be overwhelming, however, with a little research you can rest assure that your belongings are in good hands.

As a rule of thumb, hiring a professional moving company will simplify the entire home moving process, however, you just have to know what to look for in a moving company so that you never regret your decision to go with the pros:

  • Recommendation: In order to find a reputable moving company, it is important to seek out recommendations by asking family, friends and co-workers. Chances are they have had experience with a particular company they can either recommend or steer you away from.
  • Verify company’s credentials: Whatever company you’re thinking of hiring, make sure to verify its credentials. When looking for a moving company, avoid contacting those whose license number (T No.) issued by PUC (Public Utilities Commission) is not shown. Such companies are most probably not licensed or insured against loss or damage.

A professional moving company will always maximize space in a truck by stacking items professionally.

Best local movers near me

Always check reputable local movers

  • Reputation: Once you verify a mover’s legal status, it’s time to consider its reputation. Most companies have websites that list their services, business history, destinations they can move you to, and roughly the costs involved. Also, you can check the company’s rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and sites such as Google or Yelp provide information about local businesses. When gathering information on movers you may want to verify if they are members of moving associations or if they have other special accreditations. Involvement in moving industry groups implies that the company has adopted an innovative approach to business and keeps up with what’s happening in the industry.
  • Get Estimates: Get at least three in-home estimates and compare the bids. Request the mover for either a binding estimate or a binding not-to-exceed estimate. Both types put a guaranteed cap on what you will pay. Be wary of an unusually low estimate as it could reflect a lower quality service or they could try charging you more after the move. A reputable moving company will not give you an estimate over the phone or online. Face-to-face meetings are always best. Also, in-home surveys will help movers identify potential difficulties or problems on moving day itself. As a result, they will be more prepared for the challenges on the day of the move and will give you a more accurate quote avoiding additional charges and fees during the move. When reviewing those movers’ quotes, pay special attention to the extra services offered and their respective rates. What about the cost of all packing materials? Is packing included in the price?

Moving baby grand piano by our experienced movers

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Always check local moving companies for insurance

Insured movers: Are items insured during the move? Movers might be bonded and insured, but that doesn’t mean your belongings are covered during the move. Therefore, the moving company you hire for your move should be able to offer you adequate coverage for your valuable belongings simply because anything can happen during a house move. Proper insurance will give you the peace of mind that your possessions will be handled more carefully while your movers will be liable for repairing a damaged item or replacing a missing one.
Note that you will get Basic Protection for free as soon as you sign your moving contract. However, note also that that protection is more than basic – at 60 cents per pound per item it is practically non-existent. So, make sure you speak with your moving company for appropriate coverage, especially if you plan to move valuable items such as antique furniture, a grandfather clock, a piano, pieces of artwork, and so on.

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Get all extra moving bonuses from your local movers

  • Added-value services: Added-value services: When hiring a moving company, one of the things to look for in your mover is whether or not they can offer you added value services to respond well enough to your specific requirements and needs as a shipper of household goods:
    • Disassembly and re-assembly of furniture Explore how crafty movers can be when it comes to disassembling furniture and electronics when they are too big to fit safely through the doors and hallways of your residence.
    • Crating. A service providing custom crates in which extremely delicate or expensive items can be placed safely to eliminate any chance of damage during the move. or using a rigging system and a lift to hoist items through a window.
    • Hoisting (rigging) Large and heavy items (like a piano, for example) may need to be taken out of your home through a window or a balcony with the help of a specialized rigging system.
    • Warehouse storage. In case your new home may not be ready to receive your household item yet, your full-service moving company should be able to offer you temporary storage for your stuff at their warehouse facility.

Ask anything about price

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  • Before hiring a provider an important aspect to consider is how do moving companies charge?
    1. For example: is it by the hour? Most of the local moves are charged by the hour often requiring two or three hour minimum.
    2. Does the company has an extra charge for larger items such as pianos, screen televisions or any extra flights of stairs during the move? This is not unusual, and will vary from each company.
    3. What payment options does the company provide? Trustworthy companies will accept all forms of payment, so be watchful of moving providers that accept only cash.
    4. Is a deposit required? Most reputable companies require a deposit to hold your move, and most deposits are refundable within a certain number of days prior to your move if you cancel. Be sure to ask if the deposit is nonrefundable or it will go toward your move.

How local moving cost is calculated

For local moves within 100 miles, you can expect to pay movers by the hour. To calculate moving costs, you’ll need to factor in weight, mileage and labor costs. For a local move, you’ll be charged for labor by the hour, so the biggest factor will be how much stuff you have and how long it takes the movers to load and unload your boxes. The size of your current home will determine the number of people needed on a moving crew and usually is as following:


Price comparison vs time vs number of movers correlated to number of bedrooms you are moving

Hours | Bedrooms | Trucks | Movers

  • 1 bedroom: two movers, one 16ft moving truck, three hours
  • 2-3 bedrooms: up to three movers, one 26ft moving truck, four to seven hours
  • 4 bedrooms: up to four movers, two 26ft moving trucks, from 7-9 hours
  • More than 4 bedrooms: four or more movers, two moving trucks, from eight to twelve hours

Let’s say it takes eight hours for two movers to load and unload your three-bedroom house, with each mover getting paid $50 each per hour. $50/hour x 2 movers puts your labor cost at $100/hour, $100 x 8 hours puts your total labor costs at 800 for the move.


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Check with moving company if they charge extra fees and for what

  • Location: If you live in an apartment building with lots of stairs or a lack of parking, you may be charged for those things. Even a building with an elevator can cost you more, especially if you live on the 20th floor. Your neighborhood can also impact your price as not all city streets make it easy to park a moving truck. Some movers will include a surcharge if they have to walk more than 75 feet from your home to the truck.
  • Specialty items: Movers charge more for large, heavy or bulky items like pianos, grandfather clocks or delicate electronics. You’ll also need to factor in extra insurance, which might be required for certain items.
  • Extra stops: Making more than one stop will also cost extra, so if you’re moving things from your house and someone else’s house or a storage unit, expect to pay more.
  • Full-service moves: Full-service movers go beyond only transportation and offer packing and unpacking services as well. If you want your movers to pack and unpack your home, be prepared to spend an additional $200 to $600. You’ll pay them by the hour, and there may be additional costs to cover supplies.

Finding the right team of local movers can be challenging, but it can be done. By understanding how to ask for quotes and most important – how to compare them – it will be easy to find the right moving team to assist with your relocation, starting right now.

How we select

How we review our Movers

  • Movers must possess the proper operating authority needed to operate as a household goods carrier.

  • Interstate movers (i.e. state-to-state) must provide valid USDOT and/or MC license numbers.

  • Intrastate (local) movers (i.e. within state lines) must provide valid license numbers based on imposed state or federal requirements.

  • Movers may use only their Legal or DBA (doing-business-as) Name in their interactive advertising campaign.

  • Each mover has acknowledged and agreed to that the resale and/or redistribution of leads is strictly prohibited.

How it works

3 easy steps to get quotes

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens next after I request a moving quote?2020-01-05T21:11:45-08:00

We send you request up to three moving companies in you area. They will call you offering moving quotes that will fit your needs. All you have to do to give them as much information as possible about your place so they can come up with an appropriate estimate.  Compare quotes and chose the moving company you like.

Can moving companies provide me with a certificate of insurance?2020-01-05T21:13:18-08:00

Yes, all professional moving companies are fully licensed and insured. They can provide General Liability Certificate for your building up to $1000000 and Worker Compensation Certificate within 3 business days of notice.

When does the clock starts?2020-01-05T21:13:13-08:00

The time starts at the door and finishes when movers are done. Movers in California add double driving time for all local moves.

What if I need packing and moving services?2020-01-05T21:13:06-08:00

Most of moving companies offer full moving service. Packing and moving is charged separately and could be done by different crews in different days, all depends on the size of you place. If it’s a one to two bedroom then a professional moving company could accomplish packing and moving in the same day.  If it’s more than 2 bedrooms we recommend to do the move in 2 different days.

How long it takes to complete the move?2020-01-05T21:12:59-08:00

There are too many factors involved in a single move. The amount of hours will depend on the walking distance, the difficulty of staircase or elevator involved, the traffic conditions at the day of the move the weather conditions and how well your place was packed prior to movers arrival. Each move is unique. And the major factor it will depend on the movers and their level of experience

Does Moving companies move Refrigerators, washers, dryers or super heavy bulky items?2020-01-05T21:12:52-08:00

Yes, they do! They will gladly move all the appliance, however they do not not dismantle, reconnect and disconnect  appliances and it will have to be done by a licensed contractor prior the move day.  Most of them charge extra for for heavy items prices varies from $150-250 per item.

Will Movers disassemble and assemble my items?2020-01-05T21:12:46-08:00

Yes, most moving companies assemble and disassemble all the furniture required with the move. However they do not dismantle , reconnect and disconnect  appliances. It will have to be done prior  the move by a licensed contractor. Most moving companies do not mount TV on a wall and do not connect and reconnect electronic devices.

Will the Movers protect my belongings?2020-01-05T21:12:38-08:00

All the furniture is protected during the move and it is wrapped in moving blankets and plastic wraps. Some of moving companies charge extra for packing materials. Regards  moving blankets they are free of use on the day of move and have to be returned at the end of the move or they could be purchased/rented if you want to store your items. Ask all these questions sales representative whenever they call you for a quote.

What is double drive time?2019-12-19T20:36:20-08:00

The Double Drive Time Law (DDT), passed by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC), requires California based moving companies to double the amount of time it takes to get from the origin point to the destination point at the agreed upon hourly rate.

How much a moving cost?2019-12-19T21:01:35-08:00

Local moving services are charged by hour, based on the number of movers. Most Moving companies charge double driving time for all local moves. Each licensed and insured company charges 3 hour minimum for every job. The amount of hours will depend on the walking distance, the difficulty of staircases or elevator involved and traffic conditions at the day of the move.  The time starts at the door and finishes when movers are done.

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Great experience with this moving company. We moved our office from Downtown San Diego to Miramar . Movers did a great job , dissasembley and reassemble our office cubicles , and our conference room.

Mike C

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We’ve used two movers near me twice now. Once for a city to city move, and another time during a remodel in our current home. They are great to work with, and we will use them again in the future if needed.

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The movers were on time , professional and efficient as they moved my stuff. They explained all charges up front and exceeded all my expectations. I won’t hesitate to recommend 2 movers near me.

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Found great teams here who helped moving some equipment into a new facility. They were timely, gentle with our equipment and the price was right. I won’t hesitate to use them again. Thank you!


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I hired this moving company twice and both moved went well! The 3 movers are very professionals and got a call an hour before they arrived. They were very careful wrapping my furniture.

Jack Pading
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Just finished the move with guys found here this Saturday,  impressed with the movers finished my move within 3 hours, the initial quote was 3-5hours. Definitely will use them again for my next move.

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These guys were responsive from the start and flexible in developing a quote that met our unique needs.  On moving day they showed on time, worked hard all day and very polite to my parents.


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“This is the best moving company ever! My guys showed up as scheduled, on short notice. Nothing was damaged, everything was assembled perfectly.We will definitely be using them again.”


“2 Mover near me moved us  from San Diego to Los Angeles a last year, great experience the movers show up on time, all the furniture was wrapped in the moving blankets, and loaded in the moving van, I don’t hesitate do recommend this moving company for any local or long distance moves.”

M M.

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Two Movers near me was fast, efficient and got the job done right. No Hidden fees or runarounds,start to the end they were professionals I would recommend them with out hesitation. I would call them again.

Lisa H.

Use two movers near me to move from Downtown San Diego to Carlsbad, We had 2 movers one was Miguel and don’t remember the name of another guy, they were there polite, fast and professional.

Adela S.

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“This is the best moving company ever! My guys showed up as scheduled, on short notice. Nothing was damaged, everything was assembled perfectly.We will definitely be using them again.”

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